Scott & Hatsune Naturman

When we decided to move to NJ, our goal was to quickly find a house prior to the beginning of the school year. Going into the process, we thought we had an idea of exactly where we wanted to live. We turned to Susie and while she respected our wishes, showing us homes where we thought we had wanted to be, Susie pushed us to consider other towns. While we initially resisted her suggestion to expand our search, we eventually agreed. It soon became clear that Susie seemed to know better than us and we found our future home the first day of our expanded search. Susie also had a great sense of the value it would take to win the bidding war and feel like we did not overpay by a penny.

But while we eventually bid for and were selected to purchase this home, we quickly found out the the sellers, who were not represented by a real estate agent, were very difficult. Getting to closing was minor miracle and I do not think we would have been able to get there without the guidance, expertise and negotiation skills of Susie. Susie tirelessly acted as the conduit to the Sellers for our post-signing negotiations, alternatively fearlessly advocating for us and keeping us focused on our goal, closing on our dream home. We think of Susie every day as we watch our children grow up in our lovely home.

— Scott & Hatsune Naturman