Barbara Edwards Testimonial

I met Susie over 15 years ago on a tennis court. After learning she was

an interior designer, I asked if she knew a good carpenter because I was

interested in having built-in shelves put in my living room. Her

carpenter was incredibly talented and creative, but I was more

impressed with how Susie advocated for me, her client. She did

everything to ensure that I got what I wanted and was completely

happy. The project turned out so beautifully that I ended up hiring

Susie to redecorate the entire room despite the fact that I wanted to do

it myself and was hesitant to pay an interior designer. I had a vision for

the living room, and Susie gave me the latitude to do as much on my

own as I wanted while still providing me with her expertise on colors,

fabrics and making sure it all worked together. I recall being so

impressed that she was a seamstress as well and that my window

treatments were made right in her home office. My living room turned

out to be gorgeous, and thus began a working relationship as well as a

close friendship that’s endured all these years. Susie and I have

decorated every room in my current home, including carpets/rugs,

paint, furniture, window treatments, pillows, carpentry, and artwork.

We always joke that we will “never be done” decorating my house

because we have such a good time doing it!

My home is truly a testament to Susie’s talents, and I have received so

many complements on it over the years. Susie is incredibly

professional, knowledgeable, and hard working, and I would

recommend her to anyone who requires the services of an interior

designer regardless of how small or large the project!

— Barbara Edwards